About photocetkovic

Born in 1968 in Zagreb, where he graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design, in the department of photography. He had 13 independent photo exhibitions and 44 group exhibitions. A member of the Croatian freelance artists association.
2020. Second prize FROM MUSEUM, FK COLOR Gallery KORTIL Rijeka/Croatia
2019 and 2020 HFC Finalist, Special Recognition, PORTRAIT 2019, PORTRAIT 2020 Zagreb / Croatia
2018. Bronze Medal, PX3 Paris / France
2018. FAPA Finalist, London / England
2017. Finalist PHOTODAYS, Rovinj / Croatia
2016. First prize CULTURE IN FOCUS, Koprivnica / Croatia
2016. Gold Medal, FPC, Victor Polynsky Photography Salon, Bishkek / KIRGISTAN.